Pasfield Curran - Workforce Flexibility & Productivity Consultants


Pasfield Curran offer a range of workshops which we can carry out at your own site.

1) Establishing the Business Case

This is an outline exercise for organisations wishing to either introduce flexible working or significantly improve existing arrangements. A highly participative approach, it is carried out on site and tailored to each clients’ specific needs.

Overall Purpose

To identify and analyse potential benefits of introducing best practice flexible working

  • Assessment of performance and productivity increase achievable, based on best practice flexible working
  • Benchmarking current ways of working
  • Change management assessment
  • Presentation of findings, conclusions, recommendations and the way forward

We provide full details of the data requirements prior to the exercise and work with you to design an exercise designed specifically for your situation. For example:

Day 1
  • Top down analysis of current team and job structures
  • Potential for increased job and team flexibility
  • Current work pattern definitions
  • Basic understanding of planning constraints and methodologies – critical staffing
  • Begin analysis and follow up queries
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Current organisation issues
Day 2
  • Future Planning
  • Recent people initiatives
  • Employee relations structures and issues
  • Initial investigation into  future planning shift options
  • Consideration of quick wins
  • Presentation of findings and general discussion
  • Forward actions

2) Best Practice Benchmarking

A workshop designed for businesses who have previously introduced annual hours or other form of flexible working.

Assess where you are against current best practice in this half-day workshop.

Using our 5 key concepts we explore issues such as:

Demand profiling
  • Accurate measures of throughput of product or service
  • Asset utilisation
Work time modules
  • Working hours planned to match predictable need for hours
  • How do you deal with unpredictabilities?
  • Job and Team Profiling
  • Levels of flexibility
  • Minimise non value added work
Work Life Balance
  • Operating ground rules
  • Meaningful leisure time
Motivation and Reward
  • Team control over work
  • Commitment to the organisation

3) Flexible working – The Way Forward

This is a half-day workshop for management teams considering the introduction of flexible working.

By the end of the workshop delegates will have:

  • An outline understanding of best practice flexible working
  • An initial view of the relevance for their organisation
  • A list of quick wins
  • Agreed forward actions