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Annualised Hours

Annualised Hours

Annualised Hours – The Basics

The purpose of this illustrated guide is to ‘declutter’ the concept of annualised hours as a framework for flexible working, breaking it into constituent parts.

The concept of annualised hours is more relevant than ever in these days when people are recognising the downsides of the overuse of other methods, which often utilise a non-core workforce.

So, if your business …

  • Has changing or seasonal fluctuations in demand
  • Relies on temporary or agency staff
  • Has periods where employees are working regular overtime. Whilst, in quieter periods you struggle to fill the shifts with work
  • Has poor productivity
  • Suffers with high absence levels
  • Has problems with attraction and retention

… then this concept may be worth investigating further.

Crown’s guide to Annualised Hours – The Basics – is free to download and is available from